How We Got Here – Part 2 :-)

Picking up where I left off, in Part 1 of this series…

We now had two children sleeping in our bedroom (our eldest, now 2 years old, because of her night terrors, and also our new infant boy – because he would wake up the moment the sun would begin to rise, would be ready to nurse, and then be awake for the rest of the day).  Also, I forgot to mention that BOTH of these babies were not planned conceptions (yes, we were using birth control – let THAT be a lesson to the people out there thinking that they can “plan” everything)!

This new baby boy of ours brought some more, and many times debilitating, issues to deal with (along with many blessings, joys, and life-lessons).  One of the first things we found out, about him, was that he HATED riding in the car!  As SOON as we strapped him into his car seat he would begin to scream, and would continue screaming until we arrived at our destination, and took him out of the car…!  This would cause both my husband and I to be on our LAST NERVE by the time we arrived ANYWHERE (and always looming over us, was the fact that he would be doing that again all the way back home…)!

Then, at about 6 weeks old, he began to outright SCREAM every night at around 6pm, and it would end abruptly at around 10pm.  He would then want to nurse, and go to sleep!  We eventually figured out that he had colic!  We tried every remedy that anyone suggested to us (including family, friends, acquaintances, doctors, nurses and even the chiropractor), but to no avail…  THAT was when I cried out to God for help, and just gave up trying to soothe his crying.  That evening, when he started in, I just laid him down in the playpen, and let him go ahead and just cry and scream while I went on about my business and gave my daughter attention during that time (his crying every evening, made her a nervous wreck).  Then, like clockwork, 4 hours later, he stopped…  What happened the next day was my awesome answer from God (when I TOTALLY GIVE UP trying to do things on my own, and depend on JESUS completely, is when I get the most powerful answers to prayer ~ You would think I would learn…)!

My mother-in-law called, and wondered why she had not heard from us for a couple of weeks.  I explained to her what had been happening.  She then told me that she had taken a class, with a naturopathic doctor years back, and she remembered having been told that colicky babies lacked vitamin C.  Of course, I thought she was nuts, but I was desperate!  Now, HOW was I supposed to get Vitamin C into this tiny baby…?  Then, I remembered (from my years of working in the health food business) that Hyland’s brand made a children’s homeopathic Vitamin C, so I called my husband and asked him to pick up a bottle at the Health Food Store on his way home from work (he thought I had finally lost my mind, too)!

Well, my hubby got home at about 7pm, and the baby had been crying for an hour already.  I immediately opened the bottle, and put a couple tablets into his mouth to melt…  Within 10 MINUTES, HE STOPPED CRYING!  Whoa!  We were shocked!  Pleasantly shocked, but shocked nonetheless!  It truly did work, and only ONE TIME did we run out of them!  When we did, he went right back into his colicky screaming that night (needless to say, we went and got more the next day)!  Every friend, or acquaintance I have met since that time, with a colicky baby (I have a radar for that particular type of screaming now), I have told them about this (as a matter of fact, I put a bottle with every baby shower gift I give – just in case), they have tried it, and it has never failed!  Praise God!   😀

As these two beautiful children grew, some things began to become more pronounced in both their behaviors and growth patterns.  For one thing, they BOTH had a really hard time keeping weight on, once they had started eating solid foods (their weight was just fine the whole time they were nursing exclusively).  As a matter of fact, by the time my son was 2 years old, he was diagnosed as “failure to thrive“!  THAT was NOT a fun experience (the mother of a “failure to thrive” baby, is automatically suspected of neglecting, or even abusing, their child)…  After being required to see a nutritionist, and jumping through all the other hoops required (after this was reported), it still remained a mystery as to why this was happening.

My daughter had also become an increasingly anxious and accident-prone child.  She still had her night terrors, along with many muscle pains and leg cramps, dizzy spells, vomiting spells (which did not help HER lack of weight-gain), headaches, depth perception problems, an allergy to cow’s milk (had to find a source of goat’s milk for her), severe aversions to touching or being touched by certain things (grass, wet foods, crumbs, mud, paints, rain, snow, wind, chalk – to name just a few), etc.

Our son, did not walk until he was 17 mos. old, and had very few words. Even though he walked late, this boy never stopped moving!  He crawled all around, got into everything, and climbed everywhere (and I do mean everywhere – even up to the top of the backs of easy chairs and couches, up retaining walls, bookshelves, and even fences) BEFORE he could ever even walk!  He would even climb onto the side of the crib railing, and just let himself fall out onto the floor!  Speaking of this, he also showed no pain, when most kids would have been screaming from the pain…

Despite everything that they were going through, they were a delight to be with,  and it was such a blessing to watch them grow and learn!  The blessings from God that came through both of them were numerous, in all of our family!

Then, in the midst of this time (January of 2000), I went through an ectopic pregnancy (which I did not even know was there, UNTIL I was in the emergency room, in severe pain).  When this heart-wrenching event happened, my hubby and I realized that we really did want to have another baby.  So, we decided to give ourselves about 6 months to work through this loss, and talk about it then.  Then, after that time elapsed, we decided to have another baby (our FIRST “planned” pregnancy).   😉

… be continued…..


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