The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back


I must admit that I have been a bit flabbergasted, these last few months, at how BRAZEN the Prosperity/Word-Faith teachers have become, as of late. I have also been pondering on how to talk about this in a more loving way than how I naturally react inside myself to these things I watch happening. These “leaders/teachers” (I do refuse to call them Pastors, as they do not qualify for that role according to the Scriptures) are actually letting their “true colors” (New Age / Pagan roots) be seen by all…!

Sadly, I was once in this very camp, and am still mortified by this, at times. Regardless, I am most grateful and humbled that The LORD saw fit to slap me upside my head…! He woke me up to the fact that I really had just slid from my New Age Spirituality, Witchcraft, and Law of Attraction camp (actually calling it, for what it really was), into EXACTLY the same things in the Word-of-Faith, Prosperity, and Positive-Affirmation camp (although there, it was “cloaked” in Christian sounding terms)!

The link to the article below was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” for me, very recently. It shows just how MUCH the visible “church” has let things “slide” (in order to be “accepted” and liked by the world)… Oprah will be opening for a conference that is being billed as a “Family-friendly Christian” event? Really…?

Additionally, the visible church has continued to lower their view on the Authority of Scripture, and what is ACTUALLY said, and to WHOM in The Bible. WHO is the Bible actually about (hint: it is NOT about YOU, and how you can actually live out the life of a Bible “character”)?  We need to get back into keeping things in context, Context, CONTEXT!

Finally, they do not even take into account the TYPE of literature that each book and/or chapter of the Bible is written in! Any other form of written literature would NEVER be treated the way that God’s Word is treated by these people, secular society, or even the Church-at-large…!

Have we really lost the ability, as Christians, to think in a logically consistent, and doctrinal manner (as the Bible tells us to do, by REASONING one with another)? Instead, we are craving and running after the emotional “highs” in every wind of doctrine, dynamic motivational teachers, and anyone else who just “claims” to be a Christian or had a “vision” of some kind… Just like the rest of the unregenerate world… We are no longer a “people set apart”, on the whole.








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