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To My Fellow Americans…

To my fellow Americans who are either over-enthusiastic, or devastated, over this recent presidential election.

As my 53rd birthday approached this year, I’ve been watching all the craziness surrounding the elections, and have been reflecting over my several years of voting and watching politics.

This is my 9th presidential election to go through (yes, I even voted in the Reagan years), and I have learned some very important things, personally (and homeschooling my kids helped me to learn more about our political system, than I EVER did in school).

First, is that the the pendulum seems to keep on swinging from one side to the other, on whoever gets elected. A lot of people get tired of the conservatives after awhile, so then they vote liberal. Then, later, vice versa.

Secondly, a large majority of people also have a tendency to vote by their emotions, and emotions are very fickle (also an important reason not to base your beliefs, religion, or spirituality on how, or what, you “feel”).

Also, there are a lot of checks and balances with our 3 branches of government, that things have to go through, before major laws can be changed on the books (Executive orders excepted, but those can also be taken away just about as quickly by the next president, 4 years later).

This country’s founders painstakingly set things up this way, so that it would be very difficult for any one person to become a tyrannical monarch of our country. I have learned not to lose too much sleep over it, one way or the other.

It is certainly ok to be concerned, and politically active, BUT it is definitely not worth harming your health (physically OR mentally) over it, nor your personal relationships.

I know that as long as I have breath, I will wake up the next day, and continue on with my life and responsibilities to my family, and others. I continue to love and care for my family. My church continues to pray for our national leaders on Sunday (no matter who is in the top offices of power), and that only those names (not the prayers themselves) will change after January 20th, 2017. I continue to keep on, keeping on, and try to fully enjoy the joyful little moments I have in this life, and look toward Christ, and the life to come.

I hope this can help someone out there to maintain a little bit of a level perspective, in light of the recent events in our country.


Some Helpful Frugal Sources 2 :-)

This first resource is one that I have used for so many years that I have a tendency to forget about it…!

Ever get frustrated when you download a really great resource that is in Word or Excel format, but you do not have MSOffice, thus making it so that you cannot change things in it to personalize it for your own use?  Also, do you ever need a document to be a PDF file for sending to someone, because for whatever reason, they cannot accept a Word document?  Ever wanted to watch or create a PowerPoint, but could not?  I have a wonderful software suite that I have used to deal with all of these issues, and even more!  Best of all, it is free (although they do accept donations)!  It is called Open Office at    To learn more about Open Office, go here.

 This next one is very helpful in finding bargains, freebies, and coupons for you and your family!  Psssst… Guys can use it too!  You will want to grab a favorite beverage, and find a comfortable seat before exploring this site!   Make sure you go here the first time, so you can learn how to get the most out of her site.

These two should keep you busy for a while!  😉   One more thing, Money Saving Mom is updated with new items almost every single day, so if there is not something for you there one day, chances are, there will be something you can use the next day!  Enjoy!

Some Helpful Frugal Sources1! :-)

A modern pair of prescription glasses with a h...

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With having special dietary needs, a need for several pairs of eyeglasses at our house, and wanting to be a vigilant steward of our finances – I thought that I would share some resources that I use, regularly, to help with our household budget spending!

The first one is, on Wednesdays, our sale ads double-up (one ad ends on Wednesday and the next one starts on that same day – so it doubles the options of saving) at Sprouts and Sunflower Farmer Markets! This is when and where I do my weekly produce, and bulk buying (and many times meats, and pre-made gluten-free items also)! Many times, there are organic produce items that are the same price, or even less than the non-organic! You just have to keep your eyes open. It is really wonderful when something is on sale, and I can add a coupon on top of it too! Also, Sprouts many times has coupon books available to you, if you just ask! 🙂  To find out if there is a location near you, and to see other ways to save at these stores, follow the links below.  They also put up sneak peeks (on Saturday) of Sunday thru Tuesday specials that are only listed online, and not in their regular weekly ads!  😉  Enjoy!

Now, here is another really GREAT one that always gets me hyped up!  For families, like ours, where everyone wears eyeglasses, and from fairly young ages…  this can be a REAL MONEY SAVER!  You can actually get a pair of COMPLETE plain eyeglasses (including basic lenses) for as little as $6.95!  The shipping is also $5 for the COMPLETE order (at least, it was, on the most recent order of the 4 pairs of glasses that I received)!  I do have to say, that if you have children, or are rough on your glasses, in some way, you do want to get the polycarbonate lenses (they are MUCH more durable) for an additional cost of $9.  Still, where else can you get prescription glasses for $16?!  These are even great to get, just to have a spare pair on hand (great for emergency packs, in your car, a style change, or even “just in case”)!  We have never been disappointed – especially for the price!

All you need, is to have the numbers from your eye prescription, and the Pupillary Distance (PD)…  THAT is what trips many people up…!  You see, I have yet to find an eye doc who will give you the PD (I believe that it is because that it then empowers you to go and buy glasses, on your own, rather than from them)!  What this is, is simply the distance from the middle of one eye’s pupil, to the middle of the other eye’s pupil.  First, you need a ruler marked out in millimeters.  Then, have the person you are measuring stand in front of you, and focus on something about 15 to 20 feet away.  While they are focusing on this object, take the measurement, and this is their PD (the “near PD”, for reading glasses and bi-focals, is usually about 4mm less)!  Now, you can order your own glasses!  😉

I hope that you find something helpful here, for YOUR household budget!

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